See and secure every
SaaS application,
no exceptions

Grip Security provides comprehensive visibility,

governance and data security to help enterprises

effortlessly secure a  burgeoning and chaotic

SaaS ecosystem.


Grip provides near 100% visibility across all enterprise SaaS applications.

Grip shines the industry’s most comprehensive light

across known or unknown apps, users, their basic

interactions with extreme accuracy that minimizes false


Overall security

Grip secures all SaaS application access regardless of device or location.

Grip maps data flows to enforce security policies and

prevent data loss across the entire SaaS portfolio. With

Grip, security teams are automatically involved in

governing SaaS without becoming a roadblock.


Modern age

Grip brings SaaS security into the modern age.

Grip channels and unites traffic across every user and device to

secure all SaaS applications without requiring incremental

resourcing or performance degradation. Grip works both as a

standalone platform or complements a forward or reverse proxy

CASB, covering the security blind spots they leave behind.

Get a grip on your SaaS security